Thursday, July 24, 2014

Publishing House Charles River Editors Signs With Beacon Audio Books

Publishing House Charles River Editors has signed a deal with Beacon Audio Books to narrate and distribute over 1100 published novels and autobiographies. Charles River Editors is an independent publisher of thousands of ebooks on Kindle , Nook , Kobo , and Apple iBookstore & provider of original content for third parties.

Set to be released in the near future through Beacon are the biographies of Ronald Reagan, Prince William, Princess Diana, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Marilyn Monroe and Mike Tyson. Charles River Editors are well known for creating interesting, informative and educational content on the most iconic figures in past and present world history.

Look for these and many more  great titles to be released beginning Fall 2014.

The Official Site for Charles River Editors may be found at

The Official Site for Beacon Audio Books may be found at

For more information on upcoming titles or services email:

Beacon Audio Books

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