Thursday, May 11, 2017

Beacon Publishing Group Releases "Prehistoric WWII" Written By Author Dane Hatchell

Beacon Publishing Group has just released "Prehistoric WWII" written by Dane Hatchell and narrated by J. Robert Richmond in audiobook format. Download your copy today!

It's May 1945. A mysterious storm pitches a US Destroyer and a German U-boat engaged in battle millions of years back in time. Prehistoric creatures swarm beneath the sea and terrorize the land. With dinosaurs and other deadly behemoths threatening their crippled vessels, Captain TW Brazo of the USS Sutton and Commander

Christoph Neuzetser of U-616 are forced to redirect the fight toward a common enemy. Dinosaurs' crushing jaws and blade-like teeth meet frail human flesh protected only by the limited supply of ammo fired by automatic weapons. It's a race against time as survivors' search for a way back home.

As brutal as the Second World War had become, nothing prepared the crewmen for the ever-threatening dangers in this action-thriller!

Download your copy of "Prehistoric WWII" written by Dane Hatchell and narrated by J. Robert Richmond on Audible today:

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