Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Beacon Audiobooks Releases "Hive-Mind" by Gabrielle Myers

Beacon Audiobooks releases "Hive-Mind" written by author Gabrielle Myers and narrated by Liz Terry. Now available worldwide, download your copy today!

With the lyrical precision of Annie Dillard and the exquisite food writing of M.F.K. Fisher, Gabrielle Myers takes us on a Northern California idyll - an internship at the Tip Top Farm and Produce in Vacaville. Here, the beauty of the land - light streaming through fig branches, carnelian tomatoes exploding in front of rows of sweet peas - is tended by the mysterious frenetic Farmer and her companion, Baker. Together with their intern, Gabrielle, the trio tends a landscape full with sustenance and life. Their days are filled with back-breaking farm labor and their nights are alive with the freshest, most creative meals imaginable. At night, Gabi lays in her yurt pondering her mother's suicide attempt, working on stories to tell herself to make it all right, while just up the hill another mind, busy as a hive, fights a storm of loss and sorrow that threatens to shatter Eden. And what of these stories we tell ourselves? Myers asks. Sometimes, they can't be rewritten.

Get your copy of "Hive-Mind" today in audiobook format as it is available for download worldwide on digital sites like BeaconAudiobooks.com, iTunes, Amazon and Audible.com. Written by Gabrielle Myers and narrated by Liz Terry, download your copy of this beautiful memoir today.

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