Friday, February 17, 2017

Beacon Publishing Group Releases "Wildcat : A Thomas Ironcutter Novel" Written By David Achord

Beacon Publising Group releases the new audiobook "Wildcat : A Thomas Ironcutter Novel," written by David Achord and narrated by Jamie Cutler. Available worldwide, get your copy today!

Thomas Ironcutter is a hard drinking, cigar smoking, ex-homicide detective. A prime suspect in his wife's murder, Thomas spends his days working as a private investigator, all the while waiting on the inevitable knock on the door, when his former co-workers come to arrest him.

Now he is about to investigate the most important case of his life. A case that will drag him into a world of corruption, blackmail, and murder. In this high octane thriller, Ironcutter will need all his experience as he faces off against drug traffickers, the FBI, and possibly his wife's killer.

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