Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Beacon Publishing Group Releases "The Beasts Of Stoneclad Mountain" Written By Gerry Griffiths

Beacon Publishing Group has just released "The Beasts Of Stoneclad Mountain" written by author Gerry Griffiths and narrated by Marlin May in audiobook format. Download your copy today! 

Clay Morgan is overjoyed when he is offered a place to live in the remote wilderness at the base of a notorious mountain. Locals say there are Bigfoot living high up in the dense mountainous forest. Clay is skeptic at first and thinks it's nothing more than tall tales.

But soon, Clay becomes a believer when giant creatures invade his new home and snatch his baby boy, Casey. Now, Clay and his wife, Mia, must rescue their son with the help of Clay's uncle and his dog, a journey up the foreboding mountain that will take them into an unimaginable world...straight into hell!

Download your copy of "The Beasts Of Stoneclad Mountain" written by Gerry Griffiths and narrated by Marlin May in audiobook format on Audible here:


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